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Virtual Murder Mystery - Murder Mystery Team Building

Oct 21

Virtual Murder Mystery Events are a great way for your team to come together and solve the mystery online.

Online Murder Mystery

You can keep your team busy by playing virtual murder mystery games. They will work together to solve the puzzle. This activity is one of our most popular online team building activities. Each member plays a significant role. The tone is lightened, and the action kept entertaining so that no one feels rushed.

There are four virtual murder mysteries that you can choose from. The first is 'The Case of the Gilded Cage', a large-scale production about the nearly impossible murder of a well-known actress. This is both a puzzle as well as a private theatre performance that perfectly captures the Vaudeville atmosphere of the 1930s. We also have a murder mystery that is more intimately set in a 1950s detective office. The Mystery of the Broadway Butcher is a one-camera, single-actor mystery that follows in the footsteps of PI Buddy Shadowman. "Heart 2 Heart-a Skipped Beat" is a hilarious, absurd virtual internet show that features the tragic discovery of a murder victim and prompts a live, on-camera investigation. It's a colourful and funny Drag Murder Mystery.

The Case of the Gilded Cage Virtual Murder Mystery

Vanessa Adler is found dead in her dressing room, just minutes before her opening night show.

DI Smith must solve the mystery of how Vanessa Adler was killed and how the killer escaped.

You will be given a background story to share with your guests before the event. The investigator and victim's understudy will continue to reveal suspect profiles and crime scene photos, while the players work together to find the 'who', 'why', and 'how'. Our actors will take on the roles of The Detective or The Understudy during the game. After each panel has concluded, we show a brief clip of the murderer in action.

Case Of the Gilded Cage Murder Mystery


The Broadway Butcher 

Newspapers reported that one of the top private investigators in the world has died

Buddy Shadowman, a PI, had been involved in the most important case of his career for several months. He was consumed by the case and had to stop eating, sleeping, or breathing it. He was finally getting close to the end, but he was seen leaving Broadway's Palace Theatre. A body believed to be his was found on Sunday night.

It is possible to pretend that you are the victim and solve the case before the murderer strikes again. Our actor, Ms BlouseyLichenstein, hosts this online murder mystery from her small virtual studio.


A Skipped Beat - Heart 2 Heart Drag Virtual Murder

This virtual Drag Murder Mystery is set on the set for the fan-favorite light entertainment program "Heart to Heart". Millions of people tune in week after week to enjoy Manny Mannerson's wonderful, bouncing repartee. As they finish practising big numbers, you can hear a loud screech ringing over the sound stage this Saturday. Since nearly 15 years, these co-hosts have been dancing, singing, and winning together.

Amazing new model Barry Smith can no longer show off his pecs or wear a trench coat with a see-through hem to the delight of all. Barry was found lying on his back in his dressing room, covered with his red skittles. This indicates that he may have been the victim to foul play. But the mystery continues. Who committed this fashion faux pas and tried to get away? We need your help, the home audience. Can you help us figure it out before other cast members and crew members get laid low? Are they the ones who are killing people?


Steam Punk Murder Mystery

In a copper-colored steampunk interpretation of Victorian England, the year is 1892, and a major conflict is brewing. Frederick Bremer, has invented the first four-wheeled, gasoline-powered car, and is now the darling of high society. People are clamouring to get behind the wheel and be the first to take him for a test drive, while many women are attempting to attract his attention. Not everyone, however, is enamoured with his creation, as it poses a threat to the future of trains and the companies that surround them. Many inventors are envious of Frederick's achievements, and some residents are terrified by it, believing it to be an unnatural abomination, and seek to destroy it, like the Luddites did before them.

Montgomery Mortimer-Smythe, a super-rich engineering fan, hosts an industry banquet in his honour one evening. The party is attended by a real who's who of London in the 1890s, and you're on the guest list. The gala is a lavish affair that attracts everyone who is anyone. However, calamity occurs before the first bottle of wine is finished, when it is discovered that Bremer was killed in a parlour room. You must labour nonstop to figure out who did it...before they strike again at the heart of progress, and perhaps at you!


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