For music lovers, Spotify has become the most attractive and popular music streaming platform. This Swedish Streaming-on demand was founded 12 years ago by Daniel Ek, and today, it has become a global success. The smooth transition of application and availability of billion songs fascinates people all around. With more than 200 million active users & 95 million paid subscribers, it is, in fact, the most lovable freemium service. With the users across 80 countries, this DRM-protected application was introduced in India recently.

Most of the music aficionado knows how to use Spotify and control the playbacks, but do you know how to bring the best app?

So, for all the dear viewers and music addict, we have come with the few best tips and features, you probably had no idea.

But first things first, let’s head towards the setup. You can stream the songs in various qualities according to your data choices. Spotify has the feature of allowing its users to choose Normal (96 kbps), High (160 kbps) or Very High (320 kbps). Spotify Premium users can download the song and listen later offline. This means you can listen to your favorite tracks anywhere you go. Create a playlist and listen to your favorite tracks now and then.

Web and Device Interface

Don’t worry if you can’t find the PC version of Spotify. Spotify directly provides the Web Interface feature. You can stream on its website or connect through your phone for that matter. The features of Spotify connect enables users to play their songs on computer and speakers while using your phone as a remote. You can control the playbacks from your phone, and the same will play on connected devices. You can even switch between the devices.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You may or may not know, but Spotify can be controlled using the only keyboard. The space bar is used for the play and pause. You can play another or last tracks by pressing Control-Right/Left (Control-Command-Right/Left on a Mac). Volume manipulations can be done with Control-Up/Down (Command-Up/Down on a Mac). For creating a new playlist, you can press CTRL N.


Searching for tracks and podcasts in Spotify is another cool thing you can do. You can search from your library instead of whole Spotify. You can tap the ‘Your Library’ tab to reveal search bar when you are in Albums, playlists or Artists. This search bar only brings you the tracks you saved.

Another thing you can do is you can filter out the husks in the search bar. For example, if you want to listen to the tracks of David Bowie from his innovative years, just search “David Bowie tracks year:1970-2000”. This results in David Bowie’s tracks from 1970-200. Also, you can add operators like AND/OR/NOT to narrow your search.


In case you have accidentally deleted your favorite playlists or can’t find one. Spotify provides you to bring back from the dead. You have to go to the browser version of your account and resurrect the tracks clicking on ‘Recover Playlists’ option.

Different Version of Songs

People have different taste on how they like to listen to songs. A user can choose the clean, remix, or an explicit version of the same song. Spotify can aid you to track down the original track if a different version is playing currently. Scroll down and select the pull-down menu on the right-hand side. If it says ‘X More Release,’ then it could be another version, likes of explicit or remix.

Collaborative playlist

For a trip with your friends or any functions of yours, you can create playlists for everyone. Begin a collaborative playlist, and everyone can dive into it. For you to create a collaborative playlist, you’ll need to create a playlist and then tap on the three dots bounded by circle icon and choose the ‘Collaborative Playlist’ option in your Spotify app. If you want to share your existing playlist, you can even do so just by tapping the same three dots and choosing ‘Collaborative Playlist’ option. This allows your friend to gain access but wait; you must be prepared for weird choices of your pals.

Transferring Playlist

Spotify allows its users to have a playlist from other musical platforms. Suppose you have an existing playlist in any other music streaming service then you can transfer it to Spotify. The platform Soundiiz support all service you expect regarding the transfer.


Sharing songs is the best way to connected with friends and people. There are many ways you can do in Spotify. You can share songs via any means. Spotify Codes makes sharing more simpler. Scan code on your friend’s import a song or code posted by an artist. This allows you to hear their single. Even you can scan code from a poster or a flyer. Just by tapping ‘…’ Next, to a song, you will see a system appear at the bottom of the album’s artwork. You can upload to the social network by tapping the system and saving it to the device


You can share the songs with Instagram stories. If you are an active Instagrammer, you may have posted a screenshot of songs on your account, but now you don’t have to do that. Just tap three dots in available while playing a song and then tap on “share” option followed by “Instagram Stories.”
Spotify even lets you share songs by URL or any HTML embedded codes. Also now you can just drag and drop via the desktop app.


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