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The Tech Giant Amazon Continues To Expand Its Footprints Internationally With The Opening Of Its Latest Fulfillment Center In The Deteriorating Shacks Of Mexico

Oct 11

The photographer Omer Martinez has shared the location of Amazon’s latest gigantic project, Amazon’s new fulfillment center. Which is planned to lay its foundations in the slumpy housing of Tijuana Mexico at a distance of 3 miles away from the US- Mexico border. The company’s spokesperson Marisa Vano in conversation with the Insider mentioned that the proposed opening of the extensive project will ensure employment to more than 250 local citizens of the shacky area.

Moreover, Martinez has also shared some photos showing the walls of the Amazon Fulfilment center surrounded by demolished housing. This news went viral on social media and has received thousands of clicks on Reddit and Twitter.

However, the reports also concluded that Amazon proclaims to pay its workers a starting salary of  $15  per hour, also apart from amazon, there are a lot of companies that pay hourly for amazon seller account management in which they hire e-com specialists in order to do amazon listing optimization. This way Amazon Account Management Services will try to maximize its retailer in the devastated area to ensure the developments be made there. Moreover, they have also planned some new schemes to provide health insurance and retirement benefits to their associates.

On the contrary, as the new strategy disclosed the competitors conspired to invoke the local workers to demand the pay which urban employees are enjoying. Therefore, in the meantime, Quad City Time reported that ultimately this would diminish the employment rates as the market can’t afford such a high-paying job for its workers at the very first step of re-establishing the shackled area. The same rioting was brought out in the Bessemer and Alabama warehouses where employees agreed not to unionize under one roof this year.

However, according to some economists, Amazon knowingly pays less to its fulfillment center workers than any retailer does. Moreover, the Economic Policy Institute also accused that although the potential of the employees made 30% more than the prospective sales and profit, there was enough capability to hire new candidates for the warehouse and storage jobs. They also suggested that even Amazon had assured employment for the overall local citizens. But still, there are some sort of clashes being made that suppress the company’s outreach in providing broad-based employment in the area.

By showing the second side of the picture Vano expressed the company’s potential in demolishing the economic crisis throughout the region. By suggesting that, Amazon had employed 15,000 people in its 5 fulfillment centers in Mexico. This was a huge step in overcoming the financial crisis and helped the store to overthrow its fellow e-commerce competitors at the giant Walmart.

According to the company’s last year report, they have invested $100 million in the construction of two new fulfillment centers in the largest metro areas of Mexico to enhance the customer care services and improve the daily sale alongside the shipments and delivery. Moreover, Amazon has also concluded that with the opening of these warehouses, it has extended its outreach to 27 new delivery centers dispersed all over Mexico. However, the focal points to cover were  Monterrey and Guadalajara, known to be the center of the e-commerce marketplace.

During an interview with Mexico daily news, the Mexican state governor. Alfredo Del Mazo Mazahas showed his gratitude towards Amazon by stating that  "Amazon has become one of the principal allies and a strategic partner in the economic recovery and the fulfillment of objectives that have been laid out by the current administration to improve the level of well-being of Mexican families,"

Moreover, he also concluded that Amazon has a great share in overcoming the country’s financial crisis and therefore its expansion will ultimately prove to restrain the pandemic-driven economic fallout in the country.