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OSRS Dragon Pickaxe Guide

Oct 7

The Dragon pickaxe is the next best mining pickaxe in OSRS, just behind the crystal pickaxe. This Old School RuneScape Dragon Pickaxe Guide will cover everything you need to know about this valuable pickaxe.

If you have enough OSRS gold, you can buy this item, or get it from an OSRS item shop online.

Dragon Pickaxe Specs

The dragon pickaxe is a powerful tool that can be used for mining ores. The special attack of the weapon, Rock Knocker lets players use it at level 58 instead of 61 and increases your mining skill by 3 levels!

As long as you have the 60 attack to equip the pickaxe you can take advantage of this feature.

From Dragon Pickaxe To Infernal Pickaxe

A player can upgrade their dragon pickaxe into an infernal pickaxe by doing so, they will have a 1/3 chance of smelting the ores while mining. Alongside this new benefit comes with some drawbacks in that it requires 85 Smithing and has 5000 charges before degradation back to its original form which is done through use over time. The smouldering stone currently costs about 1.1 million OSRS gp at the Grand Exchange. 

From Dragon Pickaxe To Crystal Pickaxe

The crystal pickaxe is by far the best way to train both Smithing and Mining simultaneously. If you want your experience rates up there with other players, though, go for an infernal axe instead! This powerful tool can be made at a singing bowl by combining 120 shards of crystals along with crystal tool seed. You will be charged with extra 60 crystal seeds as a transaction fee. 

How To Get The Dragon Pickaxe On OSRS Iron Man? 

It is impossible to go through the Grand Exchange and purchase a dragon pickaxe. Iron-man accounts, however, can get their hands on one by either finding it in monster drops.

  • Callisto (Level 470) 0.75/128 drop rate
  • Venenatis (Level 464)  0.75/128 drop rate
  • Vet’ion (Level 454)  0.75/128 drop rate
  • Chaos elemental (Level 305) 1/256 drop rate
  • King Black Dragon (Level 276) 1/1,500 drop rate

What Is The Price Of The Dragon Pickaxe At The OSRS Grand Exchange?

The price of the dragon pickaxe is currently at 4.4 million OSRS gp, making it a pretty pricey skilling item and one that's hotly contested by other players in-game with prices constantly changing depending on demand or supply.