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How to Succeed in Technology as a Woman

Sep 28

So you've decided to pursue a career in technology as a woman. You've put in a lot of time and effort to practice and improve your talents, and you're getting ready to take the next step in your career. In a male-dominated field, what can you expect and how can you build a positive trajectory?

Here are some suggestions for women from those who have been there:

The roadblocks

Women face more impediments to admission into the computer industry than men. These barriers can be the difference between being missed and gaining a job in a fast-paced, ever-changing atmosphere. Three common roadblocks for women in the field are as follows:

  • An setting dominated by men. The stereotype of the "tech bro" continues despite the fact that the computer science sector was founded by women and has a long history of female-led triumphs. This has an impact on workplace culture and atmosphere, and it can be intimidating to women who are just starting out in the area, leading to feelings of uneasiness and discomfort.
  • At all stages of entrance, there are men. Decision makers are more likely to be male in a male-dominated organization. This adds to the difficulty of finding work and moving up the corporate ladder.
  • Concerns about the family. Due to the obligations of family and childcare, women start their tech jobs on average later than their male colleagues. Furthermore, some women may be underemployed in the industry or leave on a regular basis to satisfy those demands, resulting in further pay discrepancies between men and women throughout the course of their careers.

Women in computing must work even harder to stand out, defy preconceptions, and expand their presence in the profession as a result of these restrictions.

Examining the work environment

It can be difficult to find a job that ticks all of your boxes as a woman. Consider not only what they can give you professionally as you study and interview potential employers, but also how pleased you will be in that atmosphere. Here are four characteristics to look for in a potential IT job:

  • Is the firm diverse? Consider how the interview panel reflects the company's diversity. Inquire about their efforts to enhance diversity and how this affects their recruiting procedures.
  • What does the company culture look like in practice? Learn how employees at all levels interact with one another and how your viewpoint may conflict with or enhance the workplace environment.
  • Is the business diverse? Observe how they help women in the workplace and whether they are deliberately inclusive (from their philosophy down to day-to-day decision making). Inquire about how they are actively and purposefully hiring women.
  • How would they assist you in your development? Find out how regularly they hire new graduates and how often you'll have possibilities for advancement. Find out if they plan to invest as much in you as you plan to invest in them.

Imposter syndrome is a psychological condition in which a person believes

It's easy to feel frightened in a new work situation. It's crucial to realize that you're just as talented as your coworkers and have a lot to contribute. Here are five strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome in your new job and achieving your career objectives.

  • Recognize your abilities. Although the tech industry is competitive, keep in mind that you bring your own set of skills and viewpoint. Own your victories and be proud of what you'll achieve.
  • Make tiny goals for yourself. Consider what you need to do each week and keep track of your progress. Keeping track of your progress will keep you motivated and strengthen your sense of belonging and contribution.
  • Lean on your friends and family for help. Make connections with people who know you well and can help you remember how far you've come. The new viewpoint will inspire you to strive for even greater heights.
  • Make use of the resources available to you in the IT community. Check in to see how your Lambda School peers are doing in the world of technology. Hearing firsthand about other driven people achieving their goals may stimulate you to do new things or take professional risks you hadn't considered before.
  • Consider how far you've come. Appreciate your journey and the dedication you've shown each day. You've come this far because of your foresight and tenacity. Trust that your learning mindset will serve you well in your future professional endeavors.

Strategies that stand out

You may feel like a trailblazer in your company as a woman in tech, but don't let that frighten you. Here are seven strategies for reducing isolation, increasing confidence, demonstrating your worth, and expanding your reach.

Make your voice heard. Women are less likely than men to voice concerns at work, so speak up if you have a professional problem. Your coworkers and clients will admire your meticulous attention to detail.

Make your voice heard. If you're having problems with coworkers, talk to your boss or HR as soon as possible before things get worse.
Salary should be negotiated. Ask for what you're worth in your market to close the gender wage gap. Consult with your professional coach and gather resources to boost your confidence. Don't be afraid to shoot for the stars and always push back.

You are deserving of every dime.

Early on, establish a network. Don't put off contacting recruiters and other professional contacts until after graduation. Before your program ends, attend a meet-up or conference to learn more about companies that interest you. Learn about the technologies they use and how your interests may be similar to theirs.
Projects should be promoted. To build awareness and elicit comments, post demos on social media sites such as YouTube and Twitter. You never know what employment offers or professional recommendations you might get if you boldly promote yourself.

Adapt. In the job, technology changes from project to project, so keep open to learning and implementing new technologies. Make it a practice to stay flexible and learn new things all the time to stay current.

Overcome your desire for perfection. Waiting for the perfect project to come out can keep you from reaching your full potential. Take what you have and put it out into the world if it works. Use resources like Lambda School's "Show It Off" Channel to gain mild peer input and develop your product over time.

Women in tech, remember, contribute value and insight to every team. You have a promising future ahead of you and already possess the skills necessary to leave a lasting impression wherever you choose to apply your abilities.