Designated Survivor Season 4 Should be a Part of A Netflix Originals!!!
The political thriller, Designated Survivor, recently aired its season 3 on Netflix after its
cancellation to be broadcasted on ABC. Though the latest season, on the contrary to the previous two seasons, has fewer episodes, the primary reason being the change in host platform, but now this show is official “A Netflix Original.” In this series, Tom Kirkman’s, a presidential cabinet member, life goes haywire after he becomes president of the united states, just after a bomb hits the capitol hill.

Season 4 Consist Of 

Freedom of expression is must for the form and content of a show, and Netflix proves to be a platform where this show can introduce more mature subjects and visuals, which were not suited to be aired on the television channel. After the success of season 3, we can expect a season. Four to be aired shortly, as this show holds position eight on IMDb’s most popular list weeks.
Designated Survivor Season 4 Should be a Part of A Netflix Originals!!!
Since it depends on how good of response the critics and audience show to the newly
released season 3, we can hope that the season 4 renewal information might be shared by
Netflix during late July. As Netflix confirmed season 3’s release during September 2018 and
Premiered the episodes nine months later, we can expect the same schedule to be followed up for season 4. The season 3 ends on a delightful note for all the Kiefer Sutherland aka Tom Kirkman’s fan, as he gets re-elected as the president. Season 3 remains all about Tom and his pursuit to identify himself. He starts believing that he is being transformed into a manipulative politician, and therefore, he visits a psychiatrist to confer ethical beliefs with him. It can be predicted by the gaslighting that Netflix’s designated survivor season 4 would vehemently focus on tom’s moral compass and all the more significant consequences as a result of his verdicts. But as said, it is just a forecast, and nothing can be said adherently about the content of season 4 before it gets to be seen.


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