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Walt Disney World - A Magical Birthday Celebration

May 13

Walt Disney World is renowned for creating magical experiences, and birthdays are no exception. Although Disney doesn't offer specific birthday discounts, they provide a complimentary "Happy Birthday" button that can lead to surprise perks and attention from cast members throughout the park. Discover how to celebrate your special day at Disney World and create enchanting memories.

Claim Your "Happy Birthday" Button

Visit Guest Relations at any Disney World theme park to claim your complimentary "Happy Birthday" button. Wearing this button throughout your visit can lead to magical surprises from cast members, adding extra sparkle to your celebration.

Make Dining Reservations for a Special Experience

Enhance your birthday celebration by making dining reservations at a Disney World restaurant. Many locations offer unique character dining experiences, and mentioning your birthday may result in a special dessert or celebration from the staff.

Walt Disney World provides a magical birthday experience with the complimentary "Happy Birthday" button and potential for surprise perks. Visit Disney World for an enchanting celebration and create lasting memories for your special day.