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GoHighLevel Workflow Tutorial: Why You Should Use Mobile App Notifications In Workflows

Sep 20
▪ ▪ ▪ What's up high level fans. This is Beant here with Extendly for high level again. 
And I've got another cool tip or trick for you guys. 
So if you're using or if your customers are using your white label app or even the lead connector app, the gray label app that high level provides. You have to utilize the notifications. The internal app notifications
They are so good and they do such a good job keeping you updated and notified within the app and making using the app so much better. 
Alright, here's one use case that we found worked really well and there are a bunch of others, and we use it for ourselves daily. 
For almost everything we build, we like to have an internal app notification built into it so that our team members can be notified appropriately. 
Alright. So whenever someone books an appointment with one of my team members or myself we have an internal app notification that notifies them on their mobile app. And within their web app on their desktop app as well that someone's booked an appointment. And here are the details related to them. The appointment is about to begin. 
So this right here are the details that the user gets to see of the appointment or the notification that they're receiving and you can schedule any sort of, I'm sorry I'm sorry. 
You can type in any sort of title there so this is a title we've typed in that so and so scheduled a call with you and here are the details. 
Another use case is when a web chat inquiry comes in and this is extremely important use case because it requires you to also reply back to them. 
So what you can do is whenever a website chat inquiry comes in, you receive this notification or your customers would receive or you yourself would receive this notification for the web chat message and your customer would then look at their app or you would look at your app and take and see. 
Okay. So and so went to my website and messaged in and this is what they've messaged in. 
So you as you can see you can see their name, email, phone number and the body of the message gets typed in here as a notification and sent to you to your mobile device. 
And of course as well as your desktop app as well on your browser and this is the title. 
So you're, you clearly know someone came in from your web chat and this is their name. 
This is the message that they're saying. 
And now you're able to click on that notification, open it up and it opens you right to the conversations page and you're able to start responding directly there and conversating with them. 
Imagine how much fun your custom are going to have if you are able to showcase this to them that hey, anytime someone messages you from your website, you or someone in your team can get a notification right on your mobile phone and you can respond to them right then and there without having to do anything else or even jump on the computer. 
But if you are working on the computer, you can also do the same thing from the conversations tab as well. 
Alright, I hope you enjoyed that tip or trick. 
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Thank you. 

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