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Help! My Air Conditioner Is Blowing Warm Air!

Apr 22
We hear this all the time. Sometimes it's an easy fix. Sometimes it's not.
Your Spring Hill, Florida home's air conditioning system is one of the most significant home appliance investments you will ever make.
We will discuss the reasons your air conditioner is blowing warm air and give you some tips on how to keep it healthy and protect your investment.
There are many things that can cause your air conditioner to not blow the cold air it is used to. Let's start by looking at some of these issues. We hope this will help educate our homeowners and highlight the importance of maintaining your air conditioner in peak condition.

Faulty Capacitors that Can Make Your System Seem to Be Done For

Each summer, air conditioner repair companies receive many calls. Many of these calls are from people who have already identified that their air conditioner is dead and need information about how to replace it. This is not always true.
Your air conditioner is essentially a heart. The compressor needs to receive a jolt in order to start and continue running. The jolt of energy comes from the capacitor, which is located near the compressor and connected electrically to it.
The capacitor stores energy like a rechargeable batteries. When it's time for the compressor to start and run, the capacitor responds. The capacitor of your air conditioner is vulnerable to two things. Heat and power surges are the main enemies of your air conditioner's capacitor. These are two things that summer is full of. The heat from the long, hot days and the power surges caused by things like lightning strikes during summer thunderstorms.
If one of these people claims another capacitor, the repair will also be accompanied by another air conditioner. When the capacitor is paid for by the compressor, the homeowner can breathe a sigh relief.
The best way to avoid this situation during hot Summer Hill days is to monitor your overall health.

An unclean filter can block cold air flow!

Dirty air filters are another problem that can affect your air conditioner's peak season. Your system's air filter is designed to reduce airflow by simply being present. You will also have problems if your cool air flow is blocked by foreign debris such as dirt and dust.
Your unit will cool unevenly if it has blocked or dirty filters. This can cause some rooms to receive too much cold air while others are not getting any. Blockage of filters can cause cold air pockets to build up around the coils, causing icingissues and eventually water damage.
It seems like it would be in your best interests to change your air filter every month, and to upgrade to a better one, given all the recent talk about indoor air quality. While air filter replacements are an important part of any HVAC maintenance plan, it is something you, as a homeowner, can ensure happens every month to protect your investment.

Thermostat- and Cooling Switch Problems

Your thermostat is basically the interface between your air conditioner and you.
Your thermostat could have problems with calibration, basic malfunctions or out-of-date models. A professional technician can diagnose thermostat malfunctions quickly and provide a solution if your air conditioner is not blowing as cold as it should. Sometimes it is as simple as the cooling switch being accidentally switched off.
The thermostat functions in the same way as an air filter, so it is worth upgrading! Digital thermostats are more efficient and can use the most recent thermostat technology to improve your air conditioning system.

Make sure to clean your condensing coils!

The large condensing coils on your outdoor air conditioner are an Achilles Heel. Condenser coils are where heat is removed from your home. A fan forces the heat off the coils, then transfers it through copper tubing into the condenser. As the fan weaves through the coils, it heats up and dissipates the heat.
It is important that the condensing coil be cleaned with water, and the tiny aluminum cooling fins surrounding it, kept as straight as possible. If your system's cooling capacity is reduced by a dirty coil or bent fins, it will blow less cold air. For maximum cooling power, both the condenser coil and condensing fan motor must be maintained at least semi-annually.
These are the most common situations in which your air conditioner may tell you to stop blowing cold air.
Our professional service technicians will inspect your maintenance agreement for any of these problems and more. This will alert you to the necessity of replacing small, inexpensive parts before they fail catastrophically.
Our team will spend the time to explain to you all the options for repair. No work will be done until your approval! A HVAC maintenance agreement gives you complete control over every HVAC dollar that is spent in your home.
Take a moment to contact us and we will help you put together a plan to protect the large appliance investment you made in Spring Hill Florida.
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