Meghan Markle WILL NOT Attend The Funeral Of Prince Phillip!!

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Meghan Markle will NOT be attending the funeral of fallen British patriarch Prince Phillip, MTO News has learned. Meghan’s official reason for skipping out on the funeral is that her “doctor” didn’t think it was prudent.

And NBC confirmed the report.

Here’s proof:

With the guest list limited to 30 people under U.K. government guidelines due to COVID, it is expected that Philip’s immediate family, including his children and grandchildren, will make up the bulk of those present in St. George’s Chapel.

There is wide speculation online that Prince Phillip, who came from a family of Nazi-supporters, was the main culprit of the royal’s bullying campaign against Princess Meghan – who is African American.


So when Prince Phillip died, most speculated that Meghan would graciously bow out of attending her alleged tormentors funeral.

Her husband Prince Harry – grandson to Prince Phillip – will attend the funeral however.