Disneyland Fans Are Ready For Their Stimulus Checks And Have Some Hilarious Ideas For When The Park Reopens

Even More Of The Disneyland Resort Will Be Reopening Before The End Of The Year

The joke that everything is more expensive at Disneyland is an easy one to make because, well, it’s mostly true. You can buy a lot of water bottles for $1400, even inside the park, but not nearly as many as that same amount of money would get you at your local grocery store. Of course, eat a few nice meals at a place like Blue Bayou or Carthay Circle or Napa Rose and you can blow through that cash pretty quickly. But man, you’d have eaten some great meals to show for it. Some other Disneyland fans are aiming a bit higher than simply blowing their stimulus check on snacks however. What if $1400 in extra cash was enough to let you just own a piece of the park itself. Like, a big piece…