Missouri Man Threatens To Kill Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Mentions Noose

Missouri Man Threatens To Kill Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Mentions Noose

A Missouri man reportedly called Rep. Emanuel Cleaver’s Independence officer, used a racial slur and said, “How about a noose … around his neck?”

Prosecutors allege Kenneth R. Hubert, 63, of Marionville, made the threats. He was subsequently charged for threatening to assault and kill Cleaver, a Democrat representing the Kansas City area. The Justice Department announced last week that Hubert called in on January 7 with the “intent to impede, intimidate and interfere.”

According to the Kansas City Star, prosecutors alleged on Jan. 6, a voicemail from Hubert allegedly said, “You motherf*****s better stay in hiding. Steal the election, we got something for you.” 

Just hours later, another voicemail reportedly said, “You see the s**t happening at the Capitol? It’s coming your way next.”

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The next day, another voicemail left at Cleaver’s Independence office said, “How about a noose … around his neck? He’s a dumb motherf****r. He’s stupid as a idiot.”

Hubert has been arrested and was charged by a federal grand jury. His exact charges are not known at this time. 

Kenneth R. Hubert is being represented by the Federal Public Defender Office in Springfield and “his attorney declined to comment on the case Monday morning, citing the office’s policy,” the Kansas City Star reports.