Is Danileigh Shading DaBaby w/ Recent Nicki Minaj Retweet

Danileigh Claps Back After 'Yellow Bone' Backlash

Singer Danileigh recently split with DaBaby after her “Yellowbone” disaster but it seems she’s still not entirely over the breakup and after she used a Nicki Minaj tweet to throw shade at her ex. She retweeted:

“Dear all of you beautiful souls. A man who loves you does not: 1. Humiliate you on social media 2. Beat you 3. Cheat on you 4. Call you out your name/put you down to lower your self-esteem due to his own insecurities. 5. Hide his phone, passwords, where abouts, etc,” the post reads.

Danileigh’s single, “Yellowbone”, was thought to be a diss to Dababy’s darker-skinned baby mama and black women were not here it – apparently neither was Dababy.

And Twitter dragged her and before she issued the following apology:

“I never looked at my skin as a privilege. I see brown skin women flaunt their skin in music all the time. Why can’t I flaunt mine? I’m sorry I wasn’t sensitive to the topic, when I wrote my comment,” she said, adding, It can be a personal thing to certain people ’cause colorism is a real thing. But I’m not that. I’m not a colorist or a racist. I date a whole chocolate man. I have chocolate friends. Skin is not something I even see.”