Why The Silk Road Director Didn’t Want The Movie To Tell You Whether He’s Innocent Or Guilty

Why The Silk Road Director Didn't Want The Movie To Tell You Whether He's Innocent Or Guilty

The character had this very dramatic arc, you know, the real Ross Ulbricht had this very dramatic arc. He went into this, I think kind of naively probably as a dreamer, ‘Hey, I want to change the world. I want to make my mark, I want to empower people’s individual rights and freedoms.’ And I knew that because he was going to be going to a very dark place over time that it really was important to connect with him as a human being and understand who he was before. Because there’s a significant before and after. In some way or another, it sort of, it almost struck me as like a Frankenstein story, you know, he creates this monster and then the monster gets out of his control.