Louisville’s Mayor Says Police Department Is Undergoing A ‘Top-To-Bottom’ Review | National

Louisville’s Mayor Says Police Department Is Undergoing A ‘Top-To-Bottom’ Review | National

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced last  Wednesday he’s launching several initiatives regarding his city’s police department, including a “top-to-bottom” review.

The review, which comes after six straight days of protests over the shooting of Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, and others, will be conducted by an external, independent firm and will focus on a number of areas, including training, accountability, and bias-free policing.

Louisville banned no-knock search warrants after Taylor’s death, which involved the controversial policing procedure. In conjunction with Louisville Chief of Public Safety Amy Hess and interim LMPD Chief Rob Schroeder, Fischer said the city is “issuing a request for proposal for a comprehensive, top-to-bottom review” of the department.

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“This proposal requires a successful firm to conduct listening sessions to ensure substantial interactions with community members, interest groups, prosecutors, defense attorneys, police personnel, people that feel and that are most aggrieved by public safety activity,” Fischer said, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Louisville’s Fraternal Order of Police, expressed frustration with the mayor via Twitter

“Maybe @louisvillemayor should put out an RFP to review his corrupt administration that cares about NO ONE in this city,” the River City FOP wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “@louisvillemayor may pretend to be compassionate, but he’s allowing good people of all races and neighborhoods to be victimized by violent criminals.” 

“Last night as officers tried to respond to those calling for help, they were shot at, again and again,” the police union wrote in another now-deleted tweet. “Police are here to help & WANT to help but cannot do that when they are vilified by their own mayor! More would trust us if they weren’t being told not to by @louisvillemayor.”