The Tomb Raider Sequel Just Took A Major Step Forward

The Tomb Raider Sequel Just Took A Major Step Forward

When director Roar Uthaug’s Tomb Raider dropped into theaters in early 2018, it performed well-enough for it to inspire sequel chatter, but also wasn’t quite big enough for gears for a follow-up to instantly start grinding. Fortunately, Alicia Vikander provided a positive update last fall, revealing in an interview that Tomb Raider 2 would start the ball rolling in 2021, and now, just 25 days into the new year, it looks like the star’s word is her bond because the project has just hired a very exciting filmmaker to helm the project: Lovecraft Country’s Mischa Green.

The writer/director has earned great acclaim for her HBO series, and while her career thus far has been almost exclusively on television, Deadline is reporting that she has signed a deal with MGM that will see her make the untitled Tomb Raider 2. Alicia Vikander will be back to play the role of adventurer Lara Croft, following up her performance in the previous movie, which made just short of $250 million worldwide.

When the news broke, Mischa Green was quick to vaguely comment on it via her Twitter account, posting,