The Karate Kid’s Most Vicious Villains, Ranked

The Karate Kid's Most Vicious Villains, Ranked

As Netflix viewers continue to rave about the quality and fun of Cobra Kai, now is as good a time to remind the world, The Karate Kid franchise still holds up. This is thanks in part to The Karate Kid’s villains, who gave Mr. Miyagi and his pupils all sorts of hell across four films.

The following is a ranking of the most vicious villains of the Miyagi-verse, which is every Karate Kid movie in which Pat Morita played Mr. Miyagi. From least to greatest, these guys are judged on their level of viciousness, their motives, and just how far they’d go in their efforts to terrorize Daniel LaRusso. Let’s dive in, and while Cobra Kai is never a great dojo to emulate, I intend to show no mercy in describing these villains.