Chef: 8 Reasons Jon Favreau’s Food Movie Is Still Underrated

Chef: 8 Reasons Jon Favreau's Food Movie Is Still Underrated

Many know Jon Favreau as the man who brought Star Wars back to the small screen, igniting The Mandalorian into fame. Others might recognize him as Happy from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For me, that was what it was like until I really started to expand my palette with his movies a bit more – and only now did I realize how underrated his small 2014 release, Chef, is.

Chef tells the story of a man, played by Jon Favreau, who is trying to get back on his feet in life after a rough run-in with the food critic, but the movie is so much more than that. As someone who has recently gotten into cooking due to staying at home all the time, I adored watching this movie not just for the food it showcases, but the story it tells.

The film released back in 2014, and now, nearly seven years later, it stills feels like a classic of Jon Favreau’s that needs to be talked about. Here are the reasons why.