TI’s Wife Tiny Advised Letoya Luckett To ‘DIVORCE’ Cheating Husband


Last week, R&B singer LeToya Luckett revealed that she was divorcing her husband Tommicus Walker’. Now MTO News has some tea, regarding LeToya’s decision to end her marriage.

LeToya’s divorce decision process will play out on the upcoming fourth season of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. 

LeToya and Tommicus starred in the series since season one when they were expecting their first child together. The upcoming season will focus on the demise of their marriage.


MTO News spoke with someone close to production, who told us, “LeToya at one point asks Tiny what to do, and [TI’s wife] told LeToya to [dump] her cheating husband.”

That’s interesting advice coming from Tiny, given that her own husband TI – has been caught cheating multiple times..

Tommicus was allegedly caught cheating. A woman claimed in August 2020 that she allegedly had two videos showing Tommicus Walker in an inappropriate position. 

One video allegedly shows a sleeping man in a hotel room who appears to resemble Walker and the other video appears to have been filmed after the two had allegedly been intimate with one another. 

The man in the video is said to have a similar “Ruby” tattoo on his leg like Walker’s. Additionally, the woman threatened to leak the videos to prove her claims. She also claimed that she wasn’t the only alleged mistress.