DaBaby Opens Up About Mental Health After Brother’s Death

DaBaby Opens Up About Mental Health After Brother’s Death

DaBaby, 28, (born, Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) is opening up about plans to seek therapy after the recent death of his brother, Glen Johnson.

The rapper’s older brother died on Tuesday (Nov. 3) after police reportedly responded to a location in northeast Charlotte, North Carolina, where Johnson had suffered a gunshot wound, according to Fox 46.

“If you can’t get over depression GET HELP, you see a loved one struggling get them help, they refuse the help, MAKE em get treated anyway,” he said Thursday (Nov. 5) in a tweet about Mental Health Awareness.  “You suffer from PTSD take that shit serious & get help! I’m bouta get a therapist my d**n self!”

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Fox 46 reports that as of Wednesday (Nov. 4), the case of Glen Johnson is being classified as a death investigation. It is unclear if any foul play was involved. According to TMZ, the 34-year-old appeared to be distressed prior to the incident in a video that he shared on social media. 

Johnson is reportedly survived by three daughters and a son.

“Death don’t phase me at all, watching my family suffer does,” the “BOP” rapper continues in the tweet. “GOD watch over my family, my mama, my nieces & nephew & they mama, my brother. Don’t worry bout me take whatever you was do for me and pour it into them. & keep me cool, cuz God you know! The world don’t. Amen”