Cure your Quarantine Boredom with Killer Trivia Game


A terrific holiday gift the Killer Trivia Game is the perfect present for people who love trivia games based on history and current events. The Killer Trivia Game. A game for the morbidly amused. Death, murder, and mayhem have never been so much fun!

The Killer Trivia Game is a fun and great trivia card game centering around murders, serial killers, famous celebrity scandals and deaths, and lots of strange and crazy questions about strange death and murder through history!

How will you fare in our court of law? Guilty or not guilty!

Standing in your way, over 700 questions about famous murders, serial killers, plus celebrity deaths and scandals! A myriad of questions about curious and shocking demises from ancient times, all the way to the present day!

However, just being the smartest person in the room and answering questions….MAY NOT BE ENOUGH!

Objections, cross-examinations, redirects and hung juries could stand in your way of be acquitted and winning the game!

Included in the game: 240 Question cards, containing over 700 questions. Some multiple choice, some not. 60 Jury cards for exciting score keeping revolving around a courtroom setting! Plus a detailed instruction booklet to get you playing the game fast.

Early players of the Killer Trivia game have been very impressed.  One reviewer on Amazon stated “This game is such a cool and exciting new game! I can’t believe the creativity of the developers, it’s not like any trivia game I’ve ever played, and I am a Trivia game fanatic! If you’re at all into true crime, CSI, Forensic Files, this game will be your new Friday Game Night hit!”

Completely made in the United States the Killer Trivia Game is available at Amazon or Walmart and is killer priced at $26.99. The game is family-friendly, appropriate for ages 13+.

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