7 Classic Adam Sandler References In Netflix’s Hubie Halloween

7 Classic Adam Sandler References In Netflix's Hubie Halloween

The Weird Lady

Billy Madison is a movie filled with amazing, quotable one-liners, and inarguably among the best of them is one that is delivered by actress Gladys O’Connor, who was 92 at the time: “If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.” Sadly O’Connor passed away in 2012 at the amazing age of 108, but Hubie Halloween does a nice job keeping her spirit alive by making us reflect fondly on her work. There’s a character named Dot who is dressed in similar period clothing as O’Connor’s unnamed tour guide character, and it’s hard not to think about her epic line when Dot pops in at one moment to comment on Virginia by saying, “I’m asexual, but that girl’s making me hella horny.”