What Makes Whirlpool’s IntelliFresh Pro an Ideal Refrigerator for Most Indian Homes

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With ever evolving lifestyles and homes becoming smarter every day, we desire appliances to be smart and adaptive. So how can our refrigerator be just an ordinary one, that keeps our food fresh? An intelligent refrigerator that can sense, adapt and control without manual intervention to provide optimum cooling experience to your feed items, is the next step in the evolution of the humble refrigerator.

The baton bearer of 6th sense technology in all its products, Whirlpool is a globally recognised brand in the world of home appliances. Taking the legacy of innovation forward, Whirlpool is taking things to the next level with its new and advanced bottom mount refrigerators – IntelliFresh Pro, in India.

1. New Age format for maximum convenience

Being advanced is being a step ahead of the league. Whirlpool’s new IntelliFresh Pro bottom mount refrigerators have a fridge at the top, and the freezer compartment at the bottom. No more bending down to pick up fruits and vegetables as it’s ergonomically designed to make your normal food items more accessible and visible at eye level while your freezer compartment remains at the bottom. and what makes this format advanced is its state-of-art technology which we have delved into further.

2. Advanced technology that keeps your food always fresh

Whirlpool’s new IntelliFresh Pro refrigerators are powered by Advanced Adaptive Intelligence Technology that adapts the cooling based on multiple inputs based on sensors – on load, door opening frequency, seasonal and outside temperature variations which ensures optimum cooling inside the refrigerator and long-lasting freshness* But, how does it work? This advanced system consists of 3 primary sensors that work alongside advanced microprocessors.

(a) Load Sensor

Load sensor intelligently determines the amount of food being stored inside the refrigerator. Normally overloading the fridge leads to uneven cooling, ultimately making the food become stale in no time. Whirlpool’s IntelliFresh refrigerator automatically senses the load on conjunction with other variables like temperature and usage, and offers the right amount of cooling to maintain freshness for longer*

(b) Temperature Sensor

Ambient temperature conditions, no matter where you live, impact your refrigerator’s performance. Instead of setting the temperature manually, Whirlpool’s new IntelliFresh refrigerator automatically senses outside temperature during the day and night no matter what season. This means you no longer need to play around with the fridge’s temperature settings every now and then. In conjunction with other variables like Load and usage, it ensures that cooling inside is favourable for longer preservation*

(c) Usage sensor

Any idea, how many times you open and close the fridge in a day? Well, Whirlpool’s new IntelliFresh refrigerator knows, and can set itself to work based on your usage. No matter how many times you open or close the refrigerator in a day, the usage sensor makes cooling more efficient.

All these useful sensors are powered by a microprocessor and an algorithm that can quickly change the refrigerator’s basic settings, based on your usage pattern. What’s in store for you in it? Fresh food that stays fresh for longer* with seamless cooling inside. Magical. Isnt it ?

3. 3D airflow offers all-around cooling and minimizes moisture loss

Just in case you wonder what goes on inside the cooling department, here’s a sneak peek for you. Whirlpool IntelliFresh bottom mount refrigerator comes with radial metal cooling technology that ensures 3D airflow. Air boosters and vents placed inside the fridge ensure cold air doesn’t hit the food items directly but move in circular motion around them. This minimizes moisture loss and ensures long lasting freshness*

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4. Zeolite Technology & Microblock – Reduces 99%* bacterial growth & prevents excessive ripening

It’s not just the AI Tech that works on ensures lasting freshness but there are other tech elements as well like Zeolite and Microblock that ensure preservation benefits. While microblock technology reduces up to 99% bacterial growth, Zeolite prevents excessive ripening of food stored by absorbing the ethylene gas produced by the fruits and vegetables respectively. These technologies together help in extending freshness* of fruits and vegetables stored inside

5. Consumer friendly storage features

What does one need in a ref storage – Customizable space, sturdy shelves, large bins. This refrigerator bottom mount range has all of these and more

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  • Variable Temperature Zone -The refrigerator comes with a Variable Temperature Zone. You can either store dairy items or fruit and vegetables based on your choice. All you have to do is move the slider to the mode you want it to work on and temperature will be managed accordingly.
  • Carry and Serve Portable ice tray – The Portable ice tray can be removed and used for easy filling of water and serving of ice. Additionally, the flexibility to remove tray creates extra space in the freezer compartment for frozen food items.
  • Toughened glass shelves : Intellifresh Pro comes with end to end toughened glass shelves that can bear a load of up to 240 Kg*. it can even keep heavy utensils inside without the worry of breakage.
  • Large Bottle Rack: The multiple door bins can store large bottles, milk cartons and beverages. It can hold 4 bottles of 2 litre capacity each in the big bottle rack and 5 bottles of 1 litre capacity each in the bottom rack.

6. An eye-catching design 

That’s not all, the new Whirlpool IntelliFresh bottom mount refrigerator’s breathtakingly elegant design, premium steel finish, sleek chrome and feather touch UI on the outside and metal-clad air tower, infinity shelves with a chrome tint and premium door bins on the inside, are enough to leave everyone awestruck.

The feather touch UI buttons on top enable you to control basic settings such as adjusting the temperature or selecting presets without even opening the refrigerator.

There is plenty more when it comes to features in this refrigerator like the Intellisense Inverter Technology and -24 Degree* Coldest Freezer. Visit the whirlpool website at this link to know more. https://www.whirlpoolindia.com/refrigerators/bottom-mount.html

*T&C apply. Visit the website page above to read detail terms and conditions