Roderick Walker Case: Rideshare Passenger Beaten By Georgia Deputies Granted $25,000 Bond After Arrest

Roderick Walker Case: Rideshare Passenger Beaten By Georgia Deputies Granted $25,000 Bond After Arrest

The attorney for Roderick Walker, the Georgia ridehsare passenger who was beaten by Georgia deputies last week and then arrested, said the father was granted bond for his release and that his legal team is working on other court matters on his behalf.

“Roderick Walker has been granted a $25,000 bond by the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office for the charges he faced in the incident with Clayton County deputies,” said Shean Walker of The Cochran Firm- Atlanta, in a press release. “ Once he posts bond in Clayton County, which we anticipate will happen tonight, he will be released to officials in Fulton County and will be transferred to the Fulton County Jail where he faces probation issues.”

Walker, his girlfriend, Juanita Davis, their five month-old-child and his five-year-old stepson were riding in a local car service in Clayton County, Georgia when the vehicle was stopped by deputies on Friday, September 11 for a busted taillight, according to Williams. 

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Walker was asked for his identification during the stop, but questioned why he had to show it since he wasn’t the one driving. Davis began to record the incident when deputies attacked her boyfriend. The viral video shows the two deputies on top of Walker punching him in the head and body. 

Davis’ screams can be heard as she pleads with them to stop because Walker, who was in clear distress, said he could not breathe. A small child in the car can also be heard yelling, “Daddy!”

He was placed in the vehicle and taken to the Clayton County Jail while injured. “He also went unconscious in the deputy’s vehicle. He needs a full neurological workup because we believe he has suffered some level of brain injury,” Williams told One of the deputies involved, whose name has not become public, was fired for excessive use of force, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office announced. A criminal investigation is underway.

Williams said that once Walker is in the Fulton County Jail, his office will begin working to resolve the outstanding legal issues his client must deal with including a violation of probation charge.

“His legal team would like to reiterate that none of this would be happening if it weren’t for the unlawful assault and arrest made by the Clayton County deputies, one of whom has already been terminated,” said Williams.