RNC 2020: Baltimore Candidate Kim Klacik Says Of Black Voters ‘Joe Biden Doesn’t Believe We Can Think For Ourselves’

RNC 2020: Baltimore Candidate Kim Klacik Says Of Black Voters 'Joe Biden Doesn't Believe We Can Think For Ourselves'

Kim Klacik, a candidate for Maryland’s 7th District, made an appearance during the opening night of the Republican National Convention. 

Klacik, whose campaign video went viral last week, used the name of Shirly Chisolm to remind us that she too is “unbought and unbossed.” The 38-year-old Bowie University alum is aiming to take over a district once governed by the late Rep. Elijah Cummings alleged, as she did in her video, that Democrats have done nothing with the poorest areas in Baltimore City in the last 50 years. Citing the number of abandoned buildings, liquor stores on every corner, crime, guns, and drugs, Klacik blames decades of incompetence and corruption as the root cause for these inequities and had a message for Democrats on where she and other Black Republicans stand.  

“The days of blindly supporting the Democrats are coming to an end,” said Klacik, “In Baltimore, we have the highest number of Black Republicans in the entire country running for office this election cycle. Joe Biden doesn’t believe we can think for ourselves and the color of someone’s skin dictates the color of their views. We’re not buying the lies anymore. You and your party have neglected us for far too long.” 

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Speaking from West Baltimore, Klacik received the support via Twitter of Donald Trump last week after posting her campaign video and was added to the RNC roster of speakers this weekend. Since receiving Trump’s support, Klacik has seen an increase in funding for her campaign raising $1.5 million in just 72 hours after Trump’s tweet. 

Watch her RNC speech below: