Realme Watch, Realme Band Getting New Watchfaces via Software Update in India

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The Realme Watch and the Realme Band are getting software updates in India. The new update that Realme is pushing out brings new watchfaces to the Realme Watch. The company had launched the Realme Watch a few months ago with only a couple of watchfaces. The OTA update for the Realme Band is also similar in nature and brings new watchfaces to the band as well. Both software updates are currently rolling out in a staged manner and are expected to reach all Realme Watch and Realme Band owners soon.

Realme Watch software version 87.0 details

The software update takes the Realme Watch to software version 87.0 and requires users to update the Realme Link app to version 1.1.143. This update adds the new watchfaces in the Realme Link app. Most of the old watchfaces have been removed from the app, except the six default watchfaces. Realme has added 26 new watchfaces as per a user report on Realme Community forum. These watchfaces are available online and users will need to download them before applying. Further, the new Gallery Face section lets the user have a photo as the background on a watchface.

New watch faces have been added for the Realme Watch
Photo Credit: Ammy2688 /Realme Community


Realme Band software version 10 details

The Realme Band also requires the Realme Link app to be updated that further updates the band to version 10. After the update, the Realme Band gets 20 new watchfaces via the cloud face function just like the Realme Watch as per user reports. This software update for the Realme band also brings a few bug fixes for the fitness band.