Seattle requires all White City employees to share examples of their own racism

Seattle requires all White City employees to share examples of their own racism

The Seattle Civil Rights Office developed a "race and social justice" approach on "institutional racial superiority" for all of the city's 10,000 employees.

The program is designed to train eggs only, according to documents obtained by freelance journalist Christopher Rouvo, according to Yahoo reports. In a series of tweets, he puts the core of the program, so he shares a powerpoint segment of the course that asks, "What do we do in the white space?"

Rufo wrote on Twitter: "I got new documents from the city's 'separate only white' exercises, which included white employees in the cult of critical race theory.

He added: "After the attendees arrive, they must announce their conscience and inform the coaches when they first became aware of race – in other words, when they began their internal racist journey."

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In a follow-up tweet, he indicated that the Civil Rights Office urges white employees to address feelings of "sadness, shame, paralysis, confusion and confusion" and then "take measures" to redistribute resources and change who is in power, [and] change institutions. "

Participants are asked to study how they benefited from "white supremacy", how "egg fragility" appears in "work" and how "white silence" causes "harm to blacks," says Rufo.

As part of the training, employees explore how to "accommodate white people in the white sovereignty system" through the values ​​of "individual", "thought", "objectivity" and "comfort".

Rufo wrote that such values ​​should be "eliminated from the work of the city government."

“Finally, white employees must involve themselves in the white supremacy system,” he tweeted. They must "share" time in the past two to three months when they […] cause harm to a colored person. Once you have proven guilty of the audience, you will have completed the training. "

The Seattle Civil Rights Office is not the only government agency that requires white employees to verify their "privilege". The Civil Rights Office of the Los Angeles Public Transportation System also encouraged employees to participate in discussions on "non-racism versus anti-racism" and "racial minor attacks".


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