Nick Kiergeos withdraws from the US Open due to concerns over the Corona virus

Nick Kergeos

Kyrgyz has never passed the third round of the American Open

Nick Kiergeos withdrew from the US Open because of the coronary virus pandemic, saying it "hurts me at the bottom of my heart" to be absent from the championship.

in a Video on social media,External link Kyrgyos, 25, also criticized the behavior of some players during the epidemic.

"Let's breathe here and remember what is important, which is health and safety as a community," said Kirgeus.

"We can rebuild our sport and our economy, but we can never recover lost lives."

And the number 40 in the world added: "It pains me at the heart of my heart not being in a competition in one of the greatest sports arenas, Arthur Ashe Stadium.

"But I sit for the sake of people, for the sake of Australians, for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have lost their lives, for all of you. It is my decision."

Last month, the Australian said that the US Tennis Federation was "selfish" to organize the New York Championship, which begins August 31.

The event is slated to be held without fans at Flushing Meadows as players have to follow strict procedures.

Kirgios now says he has no problem with the USTA or players wanting to compete "as long as everyone is acting appropriately and working safely".

Kyrgyz Was critical World No.1 Men's World Class Novak Djokovic decides to organize the fair's activities during the epidemic, with a number of players who participated and then demonstrated positive tests for the virus, including Serbs.

"Tennis players, you have to work for each other and work together," added Kyrgios.

“You cannot dance at tables, or money that makes your way across Europe or tries to make a quick profit hosting an exhibition. This is just too selfish. Think about other people for once, and this is the subject of this virus, no.” Don't bother with your global ranking or How much money do you have. "


BBC Tennis correspondent Russell Fuller

Kierjious's decision is not surprising, but the timing is closely related to the day the Australian city of Melbourne announced a night curfew.

Another Australian, world number one Ashley Party, pulled out of the US Open last week, and there are likely to be more omissions when the entry list is published in the next few days.

Kyrgios does not object to the US Open itself as it goes forward: his argument is with those who play quickly and loosely with the rules.

Once again, in this post on social media, he highlights what he considers irresponsible and selfish behavior by some of the participants in recent exhibition matches in Europe and the United States.

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