NFL Star Travis Kelsie Gets A Beautiful Score From Black GF !! (Caught cheating)


MTO News has learned that NFL Travis Kelsie and his amazing black girlfriend Kayla Nicole have been separated. It was Dela Kayla who dropped the NFL superstar.

Kayla has canceled Travis and removed all of her ex-girlfriend's photos from all of her social media pages:

20200730_083345-4 Screenshot_20200729-192256_Instagram20200729_201919

MTO News spoke to a friend of Kayla who told us that Kayla had done things with Travis, but the NFL star still wanted to try to get back his beautiful back.

The buddy was not fixing on WHY Kayla the Super Bowl star was dropped.

So let us speculate. What could be the reason that Kayla dropped her NFL star?

Last year, Travis was caught cheating on Kayla with a blonde chick.

The pics started trading Travis with a blonde woman. suggested that the two may be romantically involved.

Here are the pictures:

screenshot_20180617-224741-2 screenshot_20180617-224841-2

At the time, Kayla responded to rumors of fraud, and she seemed annoyed by them. She asked people to "stop writing her" with rumors of Travis cheating and told fans, "We're good here."


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