Chrome Autofill is safer and more convenient

Chrome Autofill is safer and more convenient

The company has announced a Google update for Chrome to allow you to enter saved passwords and credit card details into forms more easily and safely. The browser will now use biometric authentication like fingerprint to automatically fill in credit card details without requiring a three-digit card verification code each time, and a new dialog box will allow you to choose from a list of account credentials saved to log into a website without having to take advantage From the individual form fields.

In addition to providing convenience, both features are designed to make transactions safer on the web. Biometric security makes it difficult for anyone to make an online purchase if they can access your device. You will still need to enter your CVC the first time you set up a credit card, but then you can authenticate with security like a fingerprint.

A new dialog will make password autofill more convenient. Image: Google

Using Chrome to save and enter passwords also has its own security features just to try to enter them in memory (using a dedicated password manager is another option). For example, passwords can be more sophisticated and unique to each site or service (which makes it difficult to guess) because you don't have to remember them, and unlike human, the program cannot be easily tricked into entering into fake Google phishing sites.

Chrome's new credit card auto-fill feature relies on its support for WebAuthn, the biometric authentication standard. This is the same technology that allowed Google to start allowing users to log in to some of its services without requiring a password at all last year.

Google says that credit card auto-fill is already available on Windows and Mac. Both features, including the password autofill dialog box, will be rolling out to Chrome on Android in the coming weeks.