Nia Long: My friend refuses to marry me. I agree with that !!


Actress Nia Long is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and she has never been married before – although she has been engaged, she has been intermittent for more than 7 years.

MTO News has learned that Niya is OK to get involved, not marriage.

Nia has been engaged to actor Massai Dorsey for decades, sharing their son together, but for the past ten years the actress has been in a relationship with retired NBA player Ime Udoka.

Five years ago, Nia and her baby's father, Amy, got engaged, but the famous couple haven't yet tied the knot. The actress recently talked about why she was never married and discussed her dislike for broom jumping. "Love is complicated, so let's start from there," Niya reportedly said. And then the marriage begins, I had never been married before. And there's a reason for that because I don't know I need to say "I do" to prove to you that I love you. But what does marriage really mean [mean] … that you own me now and I own you? I get this part. "

"I understand the religious side of marriage. This is beautiful, wonderful, and dreamer, and it is the imagination of every girl to have that moment," he continued long. "But I do not know that I need it to feel like I am in a working partnership."

Years ago, rumors spread that she and her wife Amy were secret, but Nia quickly responded that "marriage is not a priority" for her and that all of her family members are happy.