John Lewis: Mourners praise the American civil rights icon

Mourners praise John Lewis at a memorial service in Troy, Alabama. Photo: July 25, 2020

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The celebration began to tell several days of a tribute that would culminate in Louis' lie in the state at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

A memorial service for American civil rights icon John Lewis was held in his hometown of Troy, Alabama.

Mourners were required to wear masks at Trojan Arena at Troy University due to a coronavirus outbreak, and the number of visitors was limited to 800.

Lewis, a Democratic congressman, died last week of pancreatic cancer at the age of 80.

He was one of the "Big Six" civil rights leaders, among them Martin Luther King Jr., and helped organize the historic 1963 March in Washington.

He was a member of the House of Representatives from Georgia's Fifth District, a region that covered most of the state capital, Atlanta.

The memorial service began on Saturday several days of the tribute that will culminate in Louis, which is in the state in the hall of the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

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Representative John Lewis died on July 17, 2020

In December 2019, Lewis announced that he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

"I have been in a kind of fighting – for freedom, equality and basic human rights – almost for my entire life," he said in a statement released at the time. "I have never encountered such a battle now."

"He was always a fighter."

On duty at Troy, family members greet Lewis, describing him as a fearless loving family man.

Brother Henry Grant Lewis said: "He gravitated toward the least of us." "He worked for life to help others."

"He has always been a fighter," said Sister Ethel Mae Tiner.

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Explain the mediaJohn Lewis spoke to the BBC about the Washington march in 2013

After the service, Lewis' Coffin Battalion arrived at a church in Salma, Alabama, to commemorate a special memorial.

On Sunday, the coffin will be moved to Edmund Petos Bridge, where his skull in Lewis was torn apart by a state soldier during a human rights rally in 1965.

Later that day, the events will move to the capital of Montgomery, where Lewis is located in the state.

Lewis will be buried on Thursday in Atlanta after a special service.

Who was Louis?

During the civil rights movement, Lewis was one of the founders of the Non-Violent Student Coordination Committee (SNCC), then became its chair from 1963 to 1966.

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John Lewis addresses the crowd at the Historic March in Washington in 1963

He co-organized and spoke in March 1963 in Washington for jobs and freedom, a gathering in which Dr. King gave his historic speech "I Have a Dream."

Lewis was the last surviving speaker of the rally.