Saweetie Unveils ‘Botched’ Breast Implants – ‘Hard’ & ‘Fake Looking’!!


Female rapper Saweetie showed off her newest asset purchase last night – and Twitter doesn’t seem to like ’em. MTO News recently reported that Saweetie got new breast implants, and last night – she unveiled them to the world.

The paparazzi caught up with Saweetie and Quavo as they were leaving Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood. The couple appeared to have enjoyed their dinner and posted a pda filled Instagram story at the restaurant. Upon conclusion of the date, the two also looked very stylish as they made their way to their car. 

But it was Saweetie’s outfit, and in particular her body that caught the attention of the public.

According to the folks on Twitter, Saweetie’s breasts look “botched,” with many people saying that her saying her new breasts appear “hard,” fake” and “unnatural.”

For about an hour, Saweetie’s breasts were one of the top trending topics on Twitter