Popular TikTok Star DUMPS White Boyfriend; ‘He Doesn’t Support Black Lives Matter’


A popular African American Tik Tok star, has decided to dump her White boyfriend, because he’s allegedly not comfortable publicly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, MTO News has learned.

Tina Turtle first went viral on TikTok in January, when she posted a video where she twerked on a Caucasian man. The video was captioned: ‘I had to work on MLK Day so I call this [twerking] my reparations.”

It got more than 20 million views.

Soon afterward she began posting on her views on interracial dating has changed, since meeting her latest boyfriend, who is Caucasian:


Well Tina and her man have since split. Tina posted a video saying that she “cut him off” because her man wasn’t comfortable publicly supporting Black Lives Matter.

People on social media speculate that the man she was twerking on in the video, was her boyfriend. Tina never confirmed or denied whether this is the case.



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