House of cards season 7 Release Date, Latest[UPDATE], Will It Happen?.


House of Cards is a show that airs on Netflix. This show already completed six seasons. The show streamed for the first time in Feb 2013. It is very much important to watch the last season. As the lead, Kevin Spacey was accused of the rape case and was removed from the show. Now the new lead is Robin Wright’s Claire as the new president of the United States. So let us know further updates about this show.

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The announcement of House of Cards season 6 will be the last one that came out. The reason behind this is Kevin Spacey tried to have a sexual relationship with Anthony Rapp at an event. Rapp was only 14 years. It is not anywhere obviously mentioned, but this could be the reason for ending up the show.

Netflix is also showing no interest in the show after the allegation happened. If you remember, season 5 ended in a way that Frank resigns the presidency and gives to Claire. But Claire is not that interested in taking the presidency from her husband but wants her own leadership. At the begging of season 6, Frank passes away in his bed mysteriously, Claire is appointed as the president, and she has her own things and enemies to deal with. This was the clever step taken by the makers of the show.

Netflix always prefers the content of the show. But it seems not possible of House of cards to air on Netflix. There is also a chance of this show to air on other platforms like Hulu or Amazon. Mostly Claire will be the last president to rule if the show doesn’t renew. For further updates, stay tuned…




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