Nicky Jam: El Ganador Season 2 On Netflix: When It Will Discharge?


Nicky Jam: El Ganador is a series based on a singer’s life. This show completed its first season and streams on Netflix. It is produced by Netflix and the Spanish American network. The show is about a famous and award-winning singer and songwriter, Nicky Jam. The show portrays his biography and his journey of ups and downs. The first season got a positive response from the viewers. Let us further know about Nicky Jam: El Ganador season 2 and all the updates you need to know.

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The show starring Nicky Jam, Darkiel as Young Nicky Jam, Jose Caro as José Rivera, Avery Rodríguez as Nicky Jam Kid, Alexon Duprey as José Rivera Joven, José Arroyo as Daddy Yankee, Diego Cadavid as Juan Diego, Mariana Monclova as Isabel Caminero Joven, Leli Hernandez as Stephanie Rivera, Osvaldo Friger as Alberto Stylee, and many others are the cast of the show.


The show is about Nicky Jam and his original life story. The story begins when he is a child about years, and he develops his interest in hip hop. At the age of 8, is parents get separated. He moves with his father to a new place along with his sister. Once while working in grocery stores, a producer sees his rapping skills, and this is his first debut. Later because of a breakup, he starts doing drugs and finds it soothing his pain. His career takes a turning point when he meets Daddy Yankee.

Later Nicky couldn’t control himself because of drugs. This broke the bond between him and Yankee. After collapsing in a career, he moves to different places and tries to take him out of drugs. He joins a rehab and recovers. Then he becomes a very successful singer and gains a lot of popularity and fans.

As it is a biopic, there is no second season coming. Also, all watch this epic story of ups and downs in Netflix.





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