Jordan is back in the ring with Creed 3! Click to know about its plot, cast (Michael B. Jordon, Sylvester Stallone, etc), release date and so much more!


We all know that Hollywood likes to squeeze out every drop of juice from the successful franchises until they become absolutely dull. But we can’t also deny that there have been some movies that have managed to bring the long-buried franchises out of their graves. Creed movie series literally did the same thing for the Rocky franchise. Rocky Balboa made a spectacular return in the 2015 entry. But this time, he played the role of a coach instead of throwing punches to his opponents. Pretty much what Mickey (Burgess Meredith) did for Rocky in the good old days.

Adonis Creed was meant to return to the boxing ring! There was no doubt about that. On 25th February this year, MGM officially gave the green-light to the much-awaited third part in the Creed series. With stakes high as usual, what new are we going to watch in the third boxing installment? Who is going to direct it? What about Stallone’s return? Will it be better than the previous entries?

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Who will direct the movie?

Do you remember how J.J. Abrams restored the Star Wars franchise with The Force Awakens (2015)? Yes, Ryan Coogler also did the same job for the Rocky series. He was able to put up hard-hitting boxing rounds fused with some heart touching performances. He paid perfect homage to the overall Rocky universe. Steven Caple Jr successfully carried Donnie’s legacy a bit further in the sequel.

So, who has been chosen as the director of Creed 3? Well, we can’t say that it’s going to be Coogler. He already has a lot on his working shoulders. He is super busy with the Black Panther sequel. Plus, there were rumors that the studio wanted to rehire Caple Jr for the upcoming project. But now, it looks like a new creative mind will be at the helm. We don’t know who it is, but we are going to find out soon.

Who is hired to write the screenplay?

Zach Baylin made the headlines when he started penning the screenplay of Will Smith’s upcoming movie, King Richard. Smith will be seen portraying the role of Richard Williams alongside Jon Bernthal and Liev Schreiber. It seems like he is already on the path of becoming one of the great screenwriters of all-time in Hollywood. It will be really intriguing to see how he writes the story for the third edition of the Creed series.

We already know how great the previous entries were. But they have also been criticized for recycling the plot points of the Rocky franchise. Just look at Creed 2! That movie is a perfect example of borrowing the well-known familiarity of the Rocky atmosphere and shake it up with new talents.

Will we see a completely new story? Well, it is really difficult to answer at this point.

What can we expect from Creed III?

There have been many speculations regarding the plot of Creed III. We really don’t know what the makers have in their minds about this project. We can expect to see some old characters coming back as well as some new faces getting introduced. A new foe is sure to make a grand entrance in the third entry. Will Donnie be able to defend his title, or will he lose it to his fierce competitor?

Bianca is expected to play a key role in the movie. After all, she is the wife of WBC World Heavyweight Champion! First, Bianca lost her hearing power in the first installment. Then her daughter turned out to be deaf as well. How will the couple deal with all the deafness in the family?

The departure of Rocky Balboa is one of the most-talked things about the movie. Sylvester Stallone recently confirmed his removal from the series in a live Instagram session. He was asked by the fans about his return, and he quickly replied that his story in the spin-off series is done. Creed II also served as a proper farewell for him. I mean, how long is he going to play the same role again and again, huh? We should keep in mind that every good thing comes to an end. And it looks like the end has come for our beloved Italian Stallion.

What about the cast?

We believe it will be very stupid if we don’t include our champ, Adonis Creed, aka Michael B. Jordan, in the cast. It’s like giving a burger without a patty! Tessa Thompson will return also. If the makers decide to take the story a few years further, then we can see a new child actor playing the role of Donnie’s little angel, Amara.

We know that Stallone is not really interested in reprising his popular role. He also decided to bid farewell to the Rambo series. We don’t have to remind you how badly the final part was butchered by the critics. Gosh! It must have been really exhausting for Sylvester!

But we can’t hide our greediness! Like many other fans, we also want him to come back for one more time.

When will it come out?

We know that Baylin is really busy with the screenplay. Plus, the ongoing pandemic has halted almost everything in the Hollywood industry. On top of these problems, we have Jordan’s tight schedule. Killmonger has tangled himself in various projects. It will be really hard for him to manage his schedule. If we keep all these things in our minds, then a release date in 2022 looks like a possibility.


The production has not even started, and you are already looking for a trailer. Wow! It is so not fair! However, you can watch the trailer of Creed 2!


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