Bloodborne 2: Is it really coming out? Check out its plot, release date and everything you want to know!


If you are really interested in making a list of one of the most anticipated games in recent times, then you can’t put Bloodborne 2 out of your sight! The first part in the action role-playing game series already hit the ball out of the park when it successfully sold over two million copies by September 2015. Many gaming websites crowned it as “The Game of the Year”. It seems so understandable why the gaming junkies are so vocal about its much-awaited sequel.

Here is what you need to know everything about Bloodborne 2!

What’s the current status of Bloodborne 2?

The future of Bloodborne 2 looks pretty dark. Mainly because its publishing is in the hands of Sony. We know that FromSoftware and the game director himself, Hidetaka Miyazaki are not responsible for bringing the second part to the gamers. Plus, there is too much going on with FromSoftware. The company has informed that they are not interested in working on the sequels. They are looking to start some new projects.

Additionally, FromSoftware is super occupied with its new gaming installment named Elden Ring. As usual, Miyazaki has been chosen for the directional job along with George R.R. Martin writing the screenplay. The game has already been hailed as an evolution in Dark Souls series.

What’s gonna be the plot for the Bloodborne sequel?

Bloodborne (2015) was a big instant success. Thanks to its original game setting and plot. The players enjoyed the thrilling world of Yharnam along with battling against some mean-looking bosses. It’s brand new gothic look completely stole the hearts of the fans. The narrative and the graphics of the game were absolutely top-notch.

When a player commences his journey in the game, it looks like an ordinary horror story blended with the city’s corruption. But as we go deep into the game, it becomes more and more surprising and exciting. Who knew that the game was going to end with three different endings? Instead of giving a satisfying end to the game, FromSoftware decided to give it a twisty and confusing climax. It expertly opened the gates of a potential sequel.

Gehrman turned out to be a bigger badass than we imagined. And how can we forget the Moon Presence? That dangerous beast is enough to take our breaths away.

Right now, we don’t know anything about the plot of Bloodborne 2. But it is expected to continue from where we left the game. Maybe we can witness some notable changes to the world of Yharnam. New challenges are definitely on the cards. It will be really hard for the makers to top the success of its predecessor. Let’s see how they tackle this challenge.

When will it release?

We know how Bloodborne’s debut totally rocked the PS4 platform. Plus, Sony is on the verge of discharging PS5 any time soon. So we can expect the game to be released on both of these platforms.

However, the chances of the game’s release on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo are quite low. However, we were able to play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on all of the above-mentioned platforms. So, we are expecting the Bloodborne sequel to be released on these gaming platforms as well.

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