Beauty of Your Face [book] Storyline Release Date and about the Author

The beauty of Your Face is the most aspiring and desiring book of 2020. This book is written by Sahar Mustafah. She belongs to Palestine. Her books and writings won many prizes. This writing would easily relate to one’s life and reflect humanity. Let us see further about the book Beauty of Your Face.

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The book Beauty of Your Face not only narrates the story but also let us know the way the changes and the growth taking place in the country. Afaf Rahman is a principal for the Muslim girl’s school in Chicago. She is a Palestine and also an immigrant in Chicago.

On one pleasant morning, which is no more pleasant because of militant attacks on the school. Afaf sees all this frightening incident happening in front of her eyes. All her memories and moments that changed her life flashes for once. She remembers her mother’s wish to go back to Palestine how they found their way of spirituality and the way to god in Islam. Also, the tragic incident of her elder sister being missed broke the family. At that moment, she could listen to music from her father’s mandolin playing.

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The book Beauty of Your Face reflects the journey of what a woman goes through, especially in a nation with many strict rules for women. This book is a blend of human emotions and humanity.


This book is published on 7th April 2020. It is a must-read book. While it touches everyone’s heart and soothes the souls, one will find the situations happening or happened around them or with them. In this lockdown, time does try to give it a read.