The Doors of Stone: Release Date, Details and Updates


The Doors of Stone is the final book coming from the author Patrick Rothfuss. This trio book received many fans. Almost fans are waiting for a long time. Finally, Patrick Rothfuss breaks the ice about this upcoming third book. Also, this book release date is not scheduled properly and got delayed many times. To all the fans who are waiting about this third book. Let us further see more information about this last book and its release date.

The story in the third part will begin from where Kvothe’s story ended in the second part of the book Wise Man’s fear. Temperament will be centered as the main subject in the upcoming book.

Doors of Stone Release Date LEAKED by Amazon, August 2020, Patrick ...


Patrick Rothfuss, during Barnes & Noble Podcast, was promoting his comic books. Then he was asked about the third part of the book. He answered he did not finish it and will announce after the completion.

Also, the publishers during this lockdown said that the would-be released as soon as completion of the writing. Also, this would take some time cause they cant hire workers to work on this scenario. This would be a risk.


Many times different date rumors of the release date risen up. This was happening since 2017. But none of the time, it was announced by him. Recently according to a few sources, the release date is 20th August 2020, but later even this turned out to be a rumor. All the fans have to keep waiting for the official announcement. As the author said, he still yet dint finish his writing part. For further updates, stay tuned. We will let you know.