‘Condor’ is coming back! Plot of second season, cast (Max Irons, William Hurt, etc), release date and everything you want to know!


Audience network’s spy thriller television series, Condor, is coming back for a second time. The show’s renewal was already announced way back in July 2018. It takes its inspiration from the novel Six Days of the Condor, written by James Grady. Its movie adaptation, Three Days of the Condor, came out in 1975, starring Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, and Max con Sydow. This series was developed by the trio of Todd Katzburg, Jason Smilovic, and Ken Robinson for the network. The first season was made available to the viewers on June 6, 2018, and consisted of a 10-episode slot.

How Joe Turner’s life is going to change in the upcoming season? Will it be bigger than the first entry? Check out below to know more about this show!

Condor Season 2 Plot: What will happen to Joe Turner?

The story revolves around our protagonist, Joe Turner, an analyst who works for the CIA. He is portrayed as an idealistic but an inexperienced worker. CIA uses his algorithm for finding out the terrorists who are planning to attack and kill innocent people. At first, he doesn’t like how the agency uses his algorithm for its own benefit. But later, he joins them as his algorithm proves to be effective.

Unexpectedly, Turner unearths a huge secret that puts the lives of many people in danger. A team of assassins brutally kills all of the members of his team. He miraculously survives and tries to hide from the hands of the assassins.

Turner’s idealistic beliefs are constantly challenged by the harsh realities of his job. He sacrifices his principles and completely modifies himself into a well-trained agent. The second season will make us look deeper into his mindset. His life will be explored to a greater extent. Season one revealed that a shadowy figure was responsible for all of his chaos. So, he will be curious to disclose the identity of his hunter.

Action will be taken to another level in the upcoming season. More hand-to-hand combat sequences, car explosions fused with a fine touch of compelling drama. Go and watch the first season if you haven’t watched it yet.

Condor Season 2 Cast: Who will come back?

Max Irons will be seen again portraying the role of Joe Turner. We can also expect Marko Vujicic to perform the character of young Joe. William Hurt will play the role of Joe’s uncle, Robert “Bob” Patridge. The duo of Leem Lubany and Angel Bonanni is set to return to their respective roles of Gabrielle Joubert and Deacon Mailer. Additionally, Kristen Hager and Bob Balaban will return to play the roles of Mae Barber and Reuel Abbott.

No new addition to the cast has been confirmed yet.

Condor Season 2 Release Date: When will it discharge?

The second season’s production work initiated in Budapest last year. However, you should know that the Audience network is not responsible for bringing the second installment to us. Now, HBO Max has the mighty job to release the second season. Right now, the makers have not announced anything about the second season’s release date. It is rumored to premiere before June 2020.

Do we have a trailer?

We have the trailer of Condor Season 1!