‘The Sims’ returns with its fifth entry! Gameplay, features, release date, platforms and everything you want to know!


What’s up, Simmers?

The time has come for The Simmers to start jumping in their beds in excitement as EA has confirmed that The Sims franchise is on its way to entertain the players for the fifth time. Created by Will Wright, this series has spanned a total of nearly 20 years. It seems like the developer Maxis and the publisher EA are planning to give a big happy surprise by bringing The Sims 5 to the fans (we needed this surprise so badly!).

Will it be bigger and better than the previous entry? Will we see the online mode coming into this franchise? What about the new features? Wait! We think it will be really good if you go through the following article.

Check out The Sims’ format.

There is no denying in acknowledging that no other game has the capability of replacing The Sims. Its uniqueness has already given rise to its well-deserved popularity.

The players can create their virtual avatars. They can do whatever they want inside The Sims world. We can choose what type of life we want for our characters. We can allow them to live normal lives in the game just like we live in the real world. This game allows us to make our own homes and decorate them.

Simlish is the language that is used in the game. Its a blend of Ukrainian and Tagalog. Additionally, we can try expansion packs in developing our character a bit further.

What to expect from The Sims 5?

There are strong rumors regarding the introduction of the online mode in The Sims 5. Though, it’s not the first time that the makers have tried to bring the online mode aboard. Years ago, they tried and failed. However, they are still interested in allowing gamers to play online. If this happens, then we will witness the players interacting with each other.

We can also expect some competition among the Simmers. Competition is the one major thing that has managed to stay away from this franchise. It can heavily improve the interest of gamers.

The Multiplayer component will be another exciting addition in The Sims’ format. Some new features, along with improved graphics, are also on the list. Plus, we can’t omit the possibility of welcoming the new expansion packs.

The Sims 5 platforms and consoles

Like many other gaming franchises, we can also see The Sims 5 jumping into the sea of next-gen consoles. It’s a perfect PC game. Although, Sims 4 was available to play on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. So, we can expect the upcoming game to be released on both platforms after getting released on the PC.

It has been reported that EA may think about releasing the game on Nintendo. But we are not very sure about it. Stay tuned for more information.

When will it come out?

Right now, we are surrounded by the clouds of doubts, just like you all. The game is still in its pre-production phase, as stated by the CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson. There is a chance of getting the fifth Sims entry in 2020. Otherwise, we will see it getting released in 2021.


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