Reese Witherspoon returns with Legally Blonde 3! Mindy Kaling will write the script! Plot, cast, release date and so much to know!

It’s time to go, Blonde!

Legally Blonde franchise debuted lucratively nearly 20 years ago under the directional debut of Robert Luketic. But we know how horribly it derailed by its lame sequel in 2003 (can we just not talk about the 2009 DVD spinoff?). Still, this movie series is looking to fire a fresh fuel to restore its long lost popularity. It seems like the iconic, Elle Woods, is set to make a sensational return with Legally Blonde 3. Our lead, Reese Witherspoon, has made a solid deal with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) to make the third entry.

Will Elle Woods make a strong comeback, or will she go down badly just like the last time? Here is what we have on the upcoming Legally Blonde project!

Legally Blonde 3 Plot: What can we expect?

Reese Witherspoon recently revealed via her Twitter account that Dan Goor (Parks and Recreation) and the lovely Mindy Kaling are hired to write the screenplay of Legally Blonde 3. She made her announcement on Tuesday:

“Great news alert!! Some things are just meant to be! I’m SOOO excited to have @MindyKaling and #DanGoor writing Legally Blonde 3!” 

Fans witnessed Elle applying for the law program at Harvard University in Legally Blonde (2001) to marry her boyfriend and to prove that she is not all about her gorgeous looks. She is adamant about standing on her own feet. We also watched the sequel ending with Elle’s huge win in the discharge hearing. She bid farewell to the fans by looking at the White House.

It is reported that the third installment will be served with a touch of feminism. We can expect the issue of feminism taken to a global level. The makers have a daunting task of restoring this franchise to its former glory. So, it will be interesting to see what Legally Blonde 3 holds for us.

Legally Blonde 3 Cast: Who will return?

We can’t imagine the Legally Blonde series without Reese Witherspoon. We just can’t! She is definitely returning. Additionally, Jennifer Coolidge has expressed her interest in making a comeback with her well-known character, Paulette. Luke Wilson is also reported to star in the upcoming entry. Much of the original cast is expected to grace us again. Although, we can’t just ignore the possibility of the addition of some new cast members.

Legally Blonde 3 Release Date: When will it release?

Legally Blonde 3 was coming to the theatres on this year’s Valentine’s Day. But the ongoing pandemic and various rewrites of the script have forced the makers to push back its release date. And we don’t know whether the script has been finalized yet. So, release date in late 2020 is still on the cards. Otherwise, we will definitely see it next year.

Enjoy the following video to know more about Legally Blonde 3!

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