‘Made In Abyss Season 2’: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and All The Updates You Need to Know!

Made in Abyss is a popular Japanese Manga Series that is directed by Masayuki Kojima. Just like the other animes, this series is based on a manga written by Akihito Tsukushi. The series has a single season as of now. Season one aired on July 7, 2017, till September 29, 2017, with a total of thirteen episodes. Because of the high popularity, a sequel film was also released in Japan on January 17, 2020. The same movie was set to release in April 2020 in the U.S. The series is also available in English with subtitles from Crunchyroll. Made in Abyss anime, was awarded the best anime series of 2017 CrunchyRoll’s Anime Awards.

The Release Date of  Season 2

As of now, the team has not made any official confirmation about season 2. However, a sequel movie was released in Japan based on the movie. The movie was also set to be released in the U.S in April 2020 but is now delayed due to the ongoing global pandemic. Talking about the series, it has almost been three years, and there are no updates on season 2. There is no official trailer for season two as well. We aren’t sure if the movie was a cover-up for the next season. However, we do hope that we have a new season coming up very soon!

The Cast Of Made in Abyss

The main voice characters include Miyu Tomita(Riku), Mariya Ise(Reg), Shiori Izawa(Nanachi), Eri Kitamura(Mitty), Yōko Sōmi(Director). It also includes Taishi Murata(Jiro), Tetsu Inada(Hablog), and Anami Hanawa (Kiyui).

The Plot of Made in Abyss

The story mainly revolves around a deep hole in the ground called the Abyss. The hole is known to be cursed and is a spot for hunting for the Cave Riders. It is said that the deeper you get in the hole, the more effect of the curse. A little girl name Riko is in search of her mother, Lyza, who earned the title of White Whistle in Cave Riders. On her quest, she discovers a robot named Reg. Now, Riko and Reg are set to search for her mother.