‘God of War’ 5 – Will Kratos Die? Find out the release date, cast- Christopher Judge, Sunny Suljic etc. and its storyline. Click here for relevant updates!


A competitive adventure game, ‘God of War,’ is established by Santa Monica Studio, which is based on Greek mythology. Everyone in this universe keeps the fascination for gaming, especially with high-end illustrations and vibrancy. The tremendous resolution and captivating characteristics of the game are admired by all. Lately, in 2018, this new gaming series ‘God of War’ was commenced, which tremendously broke all the records worldwide. This specific game was acquitted only for the PS4 platform. The other sequels of this remarkable game were also successfully re-laid. Now, the developers of the show are all set to introduce its season 5 really soon. This data is also officially proclaimed by the franchise of the game. If we talk about its substantial release date, it is still anonymous by the parent company, as the release date is yet to be confirmed by Sony interactive productions. Currently, the game is in its refinement Stage. So, unfortunately, we have to hold ourselves for a bit longer to feast our eyes with this intriguing God fighting game. The voice artists behind the characters of season 5 will have Christopher judge, Sunny Suljic, Jeremy Davies, Danielle Bisutti, and many more.
As we are receptive that in every game, there is meant to be a one-star performer, so, in season 5, Kratos is the one. According to many reports and rumors, it has been acknowledged that Kratos is going to die in the impending sequence. So, to contradict this assertion, we can just say that; don’t believe in fictitious stories and rumors because, as of now, we have no formal and reasonable evidence regarding this. But yes! Kratos is going to dominate in this game, and of course, he is the core player and most adored character for everyone. So, how can he die so effortlessly? 
Till now, no plotline is disclosed; so eventually, we have to be patient. The wonderful news is that we are going to vouch & explore various tools and weapons in this season. Many new Strategies and powers will also get acquainted. Such guys! This time we can anticipate ‘God of War 5’ with the next level of adventure in it. We will surely let you know once the game is commenced. Till then, stay safe and stay tuned on pressreality.com for more pertinent updates!