‘Dr stone Season 2’: Release date, Cast, Plot and Everything you need to know about the series!

Fans cannot really keep calm with the second season on it's way
Another popular Japanese anime is Dr. Stone. The series is based on a manga, just like the other anime’s. The Manga is illustrated by Boichi, and the series is produced by TMS Entertainment. The anime has a total of one season as of now. Season one was released on July 5, 2019, till December 13, 2019, with 24 episodes in hand. Talking about the Manga version, it has won awards like the Shogakukan Manga Award in 2019. We also have the English version of the series produced by Viz Media. The series is also available in English with subtitles from Crunchyroll. IMDB has rated the series with an 8.2 out of 10.

Dr. Stone

Release Date of Dr. Stone Season 2

The team has officially confirmed that there will be a season two for Dr. Stone. The second season will be the concluding season for the series. The season two will mainly concentrate on the “Stone wars” arc from the Manga. We can expect a delay in the release of Season two by the next year due to the ongoing global pandemic.

The Cast of Dr. Stone Season 2

The voice cast members include iYūsuke Kobayashi(Senku Ishigam),Makoto Furukawa(Taiju Oki), Kana Ichinose(Yuzuriha Ogawa), Yuichi Nakamura(Tsukasa Shishio ), Kengo Kawanishi(Gen Asagiri ), Gen Sato(Chrome), Manami Numakura(Kohaku), Karin Takahash( Suika ).

The Plot of Dr. Stone

The story revolves around Senku, who is a brilliant and smart student. He discovers that a long time ago, a mysterious light destroyed human civilization. He studies the cause and discovers that it is possible only due to Nitric Acid. With so many opposing his idea of recreating human civilization, Senku continues. He joins hands with a tribe who survived from the mysterious light as they were in outer space. This leads us to a new enemy against the tribe, The Petrification Kingdom. Season two will continue showing Senku protecting the Tribe from the Petrification Kingdom.