‘Did Joel Osteen divorced wife Victoria Osteen?’:What’s the truth behind the trending rumour? Checkout for latest updates!


Just like any other rumor that surrounds the celebrities and other great personalities, this is also one of such rumors which revolve around Joel Osteen, an American Pastor, televangelist, and author.

Joel Osteen is a popular preacher and is often considered as one of the most influential religious leaders in the world. His preachings are appreciated and followed by millions of people all over the world. The valuable life lessons that he gives changes the lives of the people and bring them onto the right track.

Joel took birth in Houston, Texas, and is the son of John Osteen and Dolores pilgrim. He returned back to Houston after studying in Texas and Oklahoma. He was the founder of Lakewood’s television program and produced his father’s televised sermons for 17 long years. He took the responsibility of Lakewood Church as a pastor after his father’s unexpected death due to heartache in January 1999.

Pastor Joel Osteen got married to Victoria Osteen, the copastor of the Lakewood Church, on April 4, 1987. This couple was blessed with a son and a daughter. They have been living happily since then, and after 35 years of marriage, they share a strong bond with each other. Even though they are tightly lipped regarding their personal life, they still don’t forget to exhibit love for each other.


Recently, a completely false and baseless rumor has come to the forefront that Joel Osteen has divorced his wife, Victoria Osteen. This rumor has become the talk of the town, and people are showing great interest in knowing the truth. So much chattering and discussions are being carried out among the people. But Joel Osteen has ignored this rumor saying it has nothing to do with reality.