All Adults Here Novel by Emma Straub, Story line and All you Need to Know

All Adults Here is a novel about the journey of one family. In this novel, the story shows kids becoming parents and grandchildren becoming teenagers, and the head of the family accepts the mistakes that she has been carrying as a legacy forward in their family. This novel is written by the bestselling author of New York times and also the author of The vacationers and Modern Lovers, which is Emma Straub

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Astrid Strick is the elderly one in the family. Once, she witnesses a school bus accident in front of her in the city center. This incident bumps ber back all across the memory lane during her parenting days. She starts to realize that she isn’t a type of parent she’s been all the time she was assuming her to be.

In Astrid’s family, there are many issues. It all started with her children. Her youngest son is always not focused and drifting, and he also makes many parenting mistakes. Her daughter is pregnant, but still, her behavior reflects the teens going through adolescence. Astrid’s elder son is completely different, maintaining and measuring standards of adult life as no one has. She decides to fix the errors in the family that was happening for many years. For this, she takes help from her 13-year-old granddaughter and her new friend. Both of them understand the intentions of Astrid and feel it takes a lot of courage to correct the mistakes and speak out the bitter truth of your loved once.


In this book All Adults Here Emma Straub combined elements of humor, warmth, wisdom, parenting, aging, high school life, the legacy of habits continuing that will be following them in all phases even if we like it or not. It is a story that deeply touches and soothes once the soul and satisfies everyone.