The Beauty of Your Face novel: Plot, release date and so much to know about Sahar Mustafah!

From standing up to a school shooter to gawking back at her own life in her mind, The Beauty of Your Face is a powerful and emotionally moving story of a Palestinian immigrant. 

Notable for, Code of the West, Sahar Mustafah made a sensational comeback with her newest novel called The Beauty of Your Face. This novel has been received favorably so far and is on the path of becoming one of the best novels of 2020. The author has beautifully and poignantly portrayed the protagonist’s struggle with the school shooter and how she eavesdrops to his reason behind going down this path of violence. Tucked with 312 pages between its book cover, the novel is set to make your hearts melt with an emotionally charged plot.

Here is what you need to know about this brand new novel!

The Beauty of Your Face Plot

The story entirely roams around our protagonist, Afaf Rahman. She works at the Nurrideen School for Muslim girls, situated in a former Chicago convent. The whole building was a former nunnery. It was also utilized as a safe place for the refugees in times of the Great Migration. Her life takes a serious twist when a shooter attacks the school. He was inflamed by some online hate videos. Afaf completely loses herself in her past recollections as she listens to the shooter’s whole story.

She remembers how she doubted her faith in her religion. She was raised in a family of Palestinian immigrants. The horrendous disappearance of her sister torn her whole family apart. Her mother endured the most damage, and she wanted to take off to Palestine for good. Her younger brother, Majeed, constantly strived to retain a balanced life. Her father chose alcohol to battle his pain. She also gets a flashback of herself going with her father to the Islamic Center in the city of Chicago in her early childhood days. She found peace in that community as compensation for the hatred she faced outside.

The plot turns its way back to the present. She tries to understand what caused the shooter to commit this horrifying crime. She attempts to understand his mindset. This novel confesses how she dealt with her pain in her early childhood days and the consequences which brought her here. It is a heart-wrenching story polished with a significant touch of humanity.

About the Author 

Just like our Afaf, Sahar Mustafah is also a member of a Palestinian immigrant family. She is prominent for bagging the Guild Literary Complex Prize for her well-penned short stories. She has also been nominated thrice for the Pushcart Prize. She is currently living in Chicago, where she writes and teaches her students.

Release Date and Platforms 

The novel was released on April 7, 2020. Bibliophiles can get this book via Amazon, or they can read it online on Goodreads.

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