Ottessa Moshfegh comes back with ‘Death in her Hands’! Plot, release date, platforms and so much more about the author!

A suspenseful, thrilling novel fused with a pinch of dark comic tone is a treat for all the book lovers. Right? And it seems like Ottessa Moshfegh has a novel just like that! She is looking to broaden her bibliography proudly by returning to the field of novels with her upcoming entry Death in her Hands. By providing a book glued with 272 pages, the author is also conveying a story crammed with horror and mystery. The responsibility for publishing the much-awaited novel has been bestowed upon the Penguin Press.

Check out below to know more about the upcoming novel!

Death in her Hands Plot

The plot of the novel orbits around our lead, Vesta Gul. At the age of 72, she purchases a cabin as her home. Her newly bought home is situated on an abandoned Girl Scout camp. She tries really hard to deal with her husband’s death. One morning, she decides to go on a walk with her dog only to find a mysterious note lying on the ground. She reads the words from the note:

“Her name was Magda. Nobody will ever know who killed her. It wasn’t me. Here is her dead body.”

The shocking appearance of the note surprisingly starts to give a new meaning to her life. She goes deep into the investigation of Magda and tries to resolve the case. Soon, she is accompanied by problems like isolation and the inability to focus more on the real world. Her detective-level exploration offers her some intriguing facts about her mystery woman. 

Is she really interested in solving Magda’s murder mystery? Or is she just trying to spend her time in this case for coping with the death of her husband? All these questions will be answered in our author’s upcoming installment.

About the Author 

Ottessa Moshfegh came into this world in 1981. She has gained knowledge from Barnard College and Brown University. She made a spectacular debut with her novel, Eileen. She is a former winner of the PEN Award. She has been nominated for the Booker Prize as well.

Release Date and Platforms 

The novel will be released on June 23, 2020. It will be available in the form of books, e-books, and audiobooks. The audio reading will be performed by Ann Marie Lee. You can buy this book online via Amazon. Goodreads will be a very good platform to read it online.


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